Salsa Lovers (USA, Miami)

“Salsa Lovers” has more than 100 good salsa videos with instructions on YouTube. The videos are from an old DVD based Salsa course. The original DVDs were promoted with the name “Salsa Lovers”, and can still be found under that name on YouTube but the most well-organized upload is found under the name “Bebesalsaa”.

Salsa Lovers, a Miami based dance school, was founded in 1994 by Rene Gueits while teaching ballroom dance lessons. Rene Gueits has really been a pioneer, and the Salsa Lovers DVDs have been the most influential in promoting Cuban Salsa in USA, Europa and the rest of the world.

The videos from the Salsa Lovers DVDs are among the very best until this very day. It is one of the best collections of Cuban Salsa moves with instructions. Of cause Rene Gueits didn’t get everything exactly right about Cuban Salsa.

The biggest problem in some of the videos from the DVD is, that Rene Gueits is too influenced by Latin Ballroom he left behind. Rene Gueits steps on the balls of his feet and he lifts his heels. Cuban Salsa is a very flat-footed dance. As a rule of thumb the whole sole of the foot is in contact with the dance floor most of the time.

Also Rene Gueits back-rocks too much instead of stepping forward, at times he takes far too long steps and even in the wrong direction. In my Cuban Salsa tutorials I will return to the videos from the Salsa Lovers DVD again and again, both when they are good and when they are bad.

Bebesalsaa Homepage YouTube.
Bebesalsaa videos YouTube.
Salsa Lovers Dance School, Miami.

The videos are labeled with their DVD number from 1-7, from beginner’s to advanced level. This gives us a well-organized gold mine of great Cuban salsa videos. I have used them a lot, and I will return again and again for inspiration.

Since the videos are from a commercial product, the approach is systematic and the videos often refer to “what we learned earlier”. It is nice with a full course with professional instructors not just random moves from some class or workshop.

Let me link to two excellent turn patterns, the first at intermediate and the second at advanced level:

“El Clasico” is simple and elegant:

It is Rene Gueits we see in the video above. Another impressive move, “Infanta”, with another instructor:

What a great Cuban Salsa leader!


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