Copenhagen Dance Venue: The Grøndal Center

No weekly salsa during the summer of 2019.

The Grøndal Center is a huge multi sport center 6 km from the center of the city. At the parking lot near the main entrance an obscure newly renovated dance scene is almost left alone as if forgotten.

The dance scene is mostly used for free outdoor Cuban Salsa, 5-8 weeks during the summer, usually on Fridays from 1800-2200. There might be an hour of free intro and a Rueda de Casino at the start. This dance venue is dear to me. I have had many of my best social dances at that place.

1. Less is More

This salsa venue is special. The average age is less young than normal, the music is slower and less loud than normal, and we only see a few dancers!

The music is traditional Salsa including Son and Merengue and Dominican Bachata, but mostly Timba, and only the very best. Hardly any Reggaeton. Salsa versions of “pop” music is strictly forbidden!

2. One big Family

The relatively few dancers, a lot of space on the dance floor, the remoteness of the place except for the Multi Sport Center, creates a special feeling as if every individual counts. We are all part of the same group, the same party. Everyone is dancing with everyone, the dancing is very inclusive.

Because we are outdoor and the music is relatively low in volume and slow in speed, and with plenty of space on the dance floor, there are good opportunities for experimenting with the most wild moves, and for small talking even when dancing, and for socializing.

3. The organizer

Frank Eddelien, called Frank E, is behind these events. Frank is the owner of CPH Salsa Dance School, located inside the Multi Sport Center. Any salsa style is welcome but expect to dance Cuban Salsa unless you bring your partner. This is one of the few places in CPH were you might be able to dance Dominican Bachata, but most of us just dance Sensual.

The best way to find out if a dance is on is by using the website High Fidelity Salsa, famous for its Salsa Calendar.

4. Facilities

The dance floor is very good for an outdoor event. Thick wood boards covered with some epoxy-cement type of coating, making it one big solid surface.

Free car parking, toilets and excellent tap water in the Grøndal Multi Sport Center next door. The dance scene is part of that Center.

The Multi Sport Center has a Cafeteria but apart from that, there are no restaurants or shops close by. A summer Camping Ground is only a few hundred meters away!

5. How to find it

The red circle is the location of the Multi Sport Center:

Google Maps:

Outdoor Dance Scene at Grøndal Multi Sport Center

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