Cuban Salsa: Llévate mi Panqué

Llévate mi Panqué (Take my pancake) is a cute and a little different move adding spice to your social dancing. This move is brand new, I guess, the video is from 2018, and I think the move can be attributed to the “Salsafición” dance school in Mexico.

The video features Amando and Anahi:

Same video at YouTube: Llévate mi Panqué.

Notice that these people can also not get Panqué right. The Left hand of the Follow is used for styling in front of the Follow instead of making it available on her left shoulder. See my tutorial Cuban Salsa: Siete (7) – Panqué.

When presenting a move in a realistic manner relevant for social dancing, the Follow should act as if she don’t know what move is coming. In the case of a move opening with Panqué, she must be prepared to continue any way possible. If her hand is not available on her right shoulder, the Lead can not proceed with moves like: Siete Loco, Siete Loco Complicado, Siete Alborotado, Siete Locomotion.

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