Cuban Salsa: Panqué y Enroscate

Panqué y Enroscate (enroscate = roll up) starts with a full Panqué to the Follow and then similar to the Lead, exactly like Llévate mi Panqué (take my pancake). The Enroscate part of the move can also be done alone without Panqué.

I have not found a video with Panqué followed by Enroscate, but that is the natural way to do it, and I have experienced it like that several times in Rueda de Casino.

The first video from the “” shows only Enroscate, in the most basic version:

Same video at YouTube: Enroscate.

I like the longer version from “Bea’s OUDC salsa/rueda”, also only showing the Enroscate part of the move, adding a right turn and Enchufla as well as a variation of Dame Una:

Same video at YouTube: Enroscate.

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