Cuban Salsa: A Bayamo Simple

A Bayamo is a difficult figure but there is an easier version for the return walk of the Follow, normally just called A Bayamo “alternative version”. In order to distinguish the two versions, the easy one should have its own name. I call it A Bayamo Simple.

A Bayamo and A Bayamo Simple are identical except for the first eight count of the return walk. The Lead can use that fact to his advantage. When doing the first part of the move, he can judge how well the Follow is doing, and then decide for either the difficult or the easy return walk.

The following video features Roelvis Diaz and Stella Baiamonte. Watch the whole video. Many inspiring details:

Same video at YouTube: A Bayamo Fácil.

When starting the return walk in A Bayamo Fácil, the Lead turns slightly to the left and brings his right hand over his head, giving the Follow standing behind him an Enchufla, on 1-2-3 and continues with a right turn to the Follow on 5-6-7, then Enchufla and Sombrero or one of the other endings.

The next video from the “Ron con Limon” dance school in Germany has a slightly different return sequence. Instead of the right turn on 5-6-7, the Follow is given an alarde:

Same video at YouTube: A Bayamo facil with alarde.

Fácil done less fácil

The third and last video features one of my Salsa instructors, Yuleisy C. Rojas, Copenhagen. For the walking back again part, instead of Enchufla on 1-2-3 and a right turn on 5-6-7, the Follow is given a Dile Que Si, turning her all around on 1-2-3, then they “thread water” on 5-6-7 and continue with Enchufla and Sombrero.

Same video at website: A Bayamo less fácil done with a Dile Que Si as start of the return walk.

The problem with the Dile Que Si is that not many Follows expect it when looking into the back of the Lead, and especially if the music is fast, the Follow is very likely thrown off balance, depending on how much luck she has with her steps, and if she is not used to this version.

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