Copenhagen Dance Venue: Kaffesalonen


No weekly salsa during the summer of 2019. One or two Salsa events might take place as part of a festival.

Right outside the center of the tourist zone of Copenhagen, at the entrance to the popular people’s neighborhood, Nørrebro, we find Kaffesalonen (The Café Salon). Just a café with light meals. In the summer time there is dancing every Tuesday on a platform in the lake.

The outside area of the Café Salon include a floating platform on one of several lakes bordering the city center. In early June to late September parts of the platform is used for Salsa dancing. Every Tuesday starting 1830 with Intro (picture at top) and social dance from 1900 to 2200. It is free, very popular, organized by one of the major Dance Schools of Copenhagen, “El Studio”.


The dancing is in the pavillion.

Everyone can participate in the Intro to Salsa. If you don’t need the intro a good time to arrive is 1900 o’clock when the dance is given free. The first hour there is plenty of room on the dance floor. Later in the evening, especially if the weather is fine, the dance floor can be very crowded.

As always at such events, there will be many beginners in the early hours, but as the evening progress, more and more hardcore regulars will show up and take over the dance floor.

Location and Facilities

The location couldn’t be better. The dance floor is ok but with space between the planks, sensible shoes are recommended. Most people don’t use dance shoes. In case of rain, they just close the roof of the pavillion automatically. You can eat or order drinks at the “Kaffesalonen”, butlers also on platform. Go to Café for toilets. There are plenty of shopping and restaurants in the neighborhood.

The music will be mostly timba salsa, Bachata in between and a little reggaeton.


Still only few dancers. But it can become very crowded.

How to find


Right outside the old city tourist zone:

Google Map: Kaffesalonen.

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