Bachata Sensual: How to rescue Titanic

“Titanic” from the movie.

The “body roll” Titanic is the signature move of Bachata Sensual. It is not like the “crucifix” Titanic from the movie but more like a “half” Titanic adapted for body rolls. The Lead stands behind the Follow with his right hand on the side of the Follow’s stomach, and his left hand slightly bending the Follow’s left arm over his “sixpack”.

1 How to do Titanic

There are several ways to get into the Titanic stance. The most common is to turn the Follow counter clockwise into the stance on 1-2-3. One can do one, two or three body rolls each lasting a 1-2-3 or a 5-6-7. The body rolls can be executed in several ways.

There are many options for how to exit the Titanic. The most common start with the Hip move on either 1-2-3 or on 5-6-7 but always starting with the Lead’s left foot. If we have one or three body rolls the Hip move uses correct stepping but if we use two body rolls the stepping becomes “wrong” and must immediately be counteracted by the Lead’s Quaterstep.

The Video 1 is a citation from a Bachata Sensual workshop in Copenhagen 2018 with Robert Csáki and Ževilė Ra. It shows a standard Titanic with one body roll: The Follow gets into the Titanic pose on 1-2-3, the body roll is on 5-6-7, the exit is on 1-2-3 using the hip move, followed by a double right turn on 5-6-7.

Standard Titanic with one body roll.

2 The Follow must know the move

The biggest problem with the “body roll” Titanic is that it is first introduced at intermediate level, and both Lead and Follow must have tried it a couple of times before they have the basic technique. There is no way an average Follow can do a Titanic unless she has actually learned it in class or workshop.

That makes it a little bit of a challenge for the Lead to use Titanic with intermediate Follows he doesn’t know. The chances are high that the Follow has no clue about what to do when she is turned around into the stance.

3 How to rescue Titanic

It can be quite embarrassing to get into the Titanic stance just to find out the Follow has no idea of what to do. Especially if the Lead was planning to do three body rolls and insists on doing them all!

If the Lead doesn’t know the Follow’s skill level, plan to do only one body roll. When getting into the Titanic stance, the Lead senses immediately if the Follow is at home or not. If the Follow is one big question mark, simply abort the body roll right away and just do basic steps on 5-6-7.

If the Follow doesn’t know Titanic, chances are slim that she knows the Hip move. Instead simply exit the easiest way of all by turning her right and lift her left arm around you head on 1-2-3 and continue the turning on 5-6-7, or just turn her out on 1-2-3 and walk left on 5-6-7.

4 Always have a back-up plan

If a Lead trains the rescue procedure a few times, he can do it with such elegance when he needs it, that a weak Follow might think it was the intended move. She will not notice that something went wrong.

Knowing the rescue procedure makes it safer and more fun to try Titanic more often. Especially in Bachata Sensual where so many things are prone to go wrong, a Lead should always have a back-up plan, a plan B.

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