Cuban Salsa: El Dedo con Alardes

This is a nice little move with several Alardes good to practice. It is called El Dedo (Finger) because it starts with a hand-held Vacilala as in other El Dedo moves. In this case right-to-right handed because it is followed by a right-to-right handed Enchufla.

The right-to-right handed Enchufla, how we get into it, the Alardes, and how we get out of it, and into the next Enchufla, is the crux of the move. This is what we want to learn in order to use it improvised on the fly or in very many other combinations. We could call it Encufla con Alardes.

Video 1 is from SALSACCIÓN, Chile, 2018, featuring Emilio Donaire.

Same Video on YouTube

Whenever we get right-to-right handed, we can do a right-to-right handed Enchufla, starting with an Alarde to the Lead, ending up with the Follow’s left arm over the Lead’s head. Next the Lead can do Alardes over his own head on 5-6-7 and continue elegantly into the next Enchufla.

We don’t need to continue with Enchufla. We are right-to-right and can continue with any right-to-right handed moves like the Sombrero family.

One more Alarde

Already when I practiced the move the first time, I found it natural to add one more Alarde. In the video the Lead only has his arm over his own head and to the shoulder once, but there is plenty of time to do it twice.

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