Cuban Salsa: Dile Que Sí steps Masterclass Video

This is my sixth Masterclass video, Dile Que Sí, the steps, an important variation of Dile Que No to be used in certain situations. For count 1-2-3 Dile Que No and Dile Que Sí are exactly the same. But for Dile Que Sí the Lead regrets that he is going counter clockwise and steps forward again clockwise on 5-6-7.

In order to step optimised on 5-6-7, the Lead back tracks step 1-2-3, and steps in his foot prints. Dile Que Sí is necessary for a move like Rodeo Inverso and a good choice for the popular Setenta y Cinco (75) move and for the many A Bayamo moves.

Same Video on YouTube

Dile Que Sí steps also sometimes replaces Dile Que No in order to make certain combinations possible. Like if we want to do the Rodeo basic figure after the Coca-Cola left turn as part of Dile Que No. Instead of the normal combination of Dile Que No and the Coca-Cola left turn, we do Dile Que Sí – Coca-Cola and the Rodeo figure.

Dile Que Sí is also an elegant way to break out of the partner circle and start a Paseala walk.

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