Cuban Salsa: Bayamo DC

This new Bayamo move is a Bayamo por Arriba (Arriba = “up”) variation. I stumbled upon it in a class video from “DC Cacineros”. For Bayamo por Arriba, the Lead brings both hands over his head as the Follow is lead behind the Lead’s back. There are many options for how to continue. The most popular are to add a back-to-back-turn or a Vacilala.

The new “DC” variation is as easy as it gets: After the first two counts of eight, the Lead exits the move by lifting his left arm over his head to his left shoulder. Next could come a walk as in the “DC Casineros” video or e.g. Dile Que No.

Variations of classic moves are always welcome. The new “DC” move is the easiest Bayamo figure, 1) good for beginners, and 2) it is an excellent way to start a power walk, as well as 3) a good way to cut Bayamo short, if need be. E.g.: Suddenly an opening appears on the dance floor, tempting the Lead. Or a misstep makes it unwise to proceed with the original plan, etc.

Amanda and Adrian

I have called the new Bayamo move for “DC” because I first saw it in an Amanda and Adrian class video from “DC Casineros”, Washington DC, USA, 2017.

“DC Casineros” is one of the most important “Cuban Salsa” dance schools today because it is rooted in genuine Cuban Salsa, “Son-Casino”, as opposed to the hectic goose-step salsa of “Miami style” with back rocking all over the place.

I like that “DC Casineros” has a lot of focus on always to step forward or in place (with exceptions), and especially I like their “power” walks, a genuine Cuban feature completely forgotten by “Miami Style”. And I like that “DC Casineros” are inspired both by MCC (step optimisation) and Afro Cuban.

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