Cuban Salsa: Abanico con Gancho

A new creative move from Stanislav Shvertsov og Natalia Nebogatikova, “Social Dance Studio’, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 2021. Unfortunately they don’t name their moves but just call their videos for “Salsa Cubana (Casino)”. And they don’t walk an extra mile in order to make their videos more useful to the rest of the world. I have named the move Abanico con Gancho (Fan with Hook), and I have added a slow motion section, and below I give some tips to get the move up and running.

Same Shvetsov Video on YouTube

This new move is so good that it could end up as the best new move of 2021, and I really like the way these Russians dance: relaxed, playful, music driven.

Abanico (fan) is a classic move, and the Lead has two common options for how to get out of the Sombrero pose: He can lift his right arm over his head as he does a “Giro de Son” right turn, or a hook turn on 5-6-7, or he can keep his right hand low and change hands when doing “Giro de Son”. For Abanico con Gancho, the Lead walks out of the Sombrero and into the arm hook on 1-8, and turn left (opposite of other Abanico variations) on 1-2-3 as he lifts the hooked right arm over his head.

How to lead Abanico

Abanico variations are not easy with an inexperienced Follow. The difficult part is to turn the Follow out of the Sombrero stance on 1-2-3 of the second count of eight. A weak Follow’s left hand has a tendency to get “glued” to the Lead’s left shoulder, locking her left arm in, making it impossible for the Lead to turn her out of the Sombrero.

Abanico con Gancho is on the surface straight forward, but I was in for a surprise when I started to learn it. I use the right-to-left handed Gancho all the time in my dancing, and I am so used to get into that Gancho very late on Seven that it has become my second nature. But Abanico con Gancho is a right-to-right handed Sombrero move, and the Gancho is almost impossible to get right unless the Lead gets into it already on count 5.

Enchufla by the hips

The most interesting part of Abanico con Gancho is the ending. I regard it as an Enchufla lead by the hips. It takes a very strong Follow to do that without prior training. I now train it with all my training partners because when I really own this move, I might be able to lead any decent Follow into doing it, even if they haven’t tried it before. “Enchufla by the hips” is a wonderful way to end moves and start a walk.

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