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First Man Back in Havana

I hope to be the first Man back in Havana, or rather the first visitor, guest, tourist coming back. Ideally with the first flight, when international travel opens up again. March 24th 2020 Cuba locked down for tourists. I flew out the next morning. A couple of days before, the Cuban authorities started to transfer tourist from Case Particulares to

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Cuban Salsa: Dile Que No con Molino y Habanero

This Dile Que No is good for training a shoulder lead Habanero turn, walking on 1-2-3, turning on 5-6-7. The DQN has replaced the common Coca-Cola turn on 5-6-7 with interesting windmill (Molino) arms. The move is the last part of a move called Yoyoflow con Molino. For background information about the Yoyoflow moves see the “Yoyoflow (Coca-Cola Moderno)” tutorial.

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