Cuban Salsa: Coca-Cola into Enchufla and Rodeo

We need a Coca-Cola turn on “5-6-7” in order to continue with Enchufla on “1”. It is a great combination of two basic figures but the transition on “7-1” between Coca-Cola in counter clock-wise circular motion and Enchufla in clock-wise circular motion is difficult. It is made more difficult by the fact that most Follows expect to continue the Coca-Cola

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Cuban Salsa: Exhibela Double from Paséala

We can start Exhíbela from Paséala or directly from Caída start position (aka DQN start position). Exhíbela is a walking turn, uniquely Cuban, consisting of two 180 degree pivot half turns on “3-5” and “7-1”. That is, the Follow walks forward on “1-2-3”, turns right, and back again on “5-6-7” and turns right, etc. Extra turns can be added to

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Cuban Salsa: Should we dance contra-tiempo for the first part of a dance?

Definitely not, speaking in general. And there are absolutely no objective benefits from dancing the first part of a dance on “two” instead of on “one”. The only argument for doing it: that it happens to be your personal preference, or that you like to do it for a change. The OBJECTIVE disadvandtages, on the other hand, are legio for

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