Cuban Salsa: Should we dance contra-tiempo for the first part of a dance?

Definitely not, speaking in general. And there are absolutely no objective benefits from dancing the first part of a dance on “two” instead of on “one”. The only argument for doing it: that it happens to be your personal preference, or that you like to do it for a change. The OBJECTIVE disadvandtages, on the other hand, are legio for

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Cuban Salsa: How to modify Rueda moves for social dancing

It’s a big misunderstanding to believe that so-called “Casino” moves used in Rueda de Casino actually comes from social 1-on-1 couple dancing. As a rule of thumb but with many exceptions, they don’t! On the contrary: “Casino” moves used in Rueda de Casino were made to be used in Rueda de Casino. The exceptions include basic figures like Enchufla and

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Cuban Salsa: Para Abajo

Para Abajo, “toward down”, often just called Abajo (Abajo has several meanings in Cuban Salsa). The move is also sometimes called Llévela para Abajo or Llévala pa’bajo for short. It translates to something like “take her down”. Abajo is a basic figure that overlaps with the figure Paséala en Frente (“take her for a walk in front of you”), often

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