Cuban Salsa: Exhibela Double from Paséala

We can start Exhíbela from Paséala or directly from Caída start position (aka DQN start position). Exhíbela is a walking turn, uniquely Cuban, consisting of two 180 degree pivot half turns on “3-5” and “7-1”. That is, the Follow walks forward on “1-2-3”, turns right, and back again on “5-6-7” and turns right, etc. Extra turns can be added to “3-5” and “7-1”, and the Follow can even turn left on “7-1” doing Exhíbela Inverso or continue around the Lead with Rodeo.

Some dancers don’t use the Cuban Exhíbela with all the above options. Instead they use a mediocre LA style Vuelta with back-rocking and they even dare to call it Exhíbela. This lame fusion “Exhíbela” also doesn’t have the look and feel of genuine Cuban Salsa.

Paséala into Exhíbela

Paséala almost always culminates into Exhíbela and/or Exhíbela Inverso. The Follow’s Paséala steps are similar to “Exhíbela Steps” except that the Follow pivots left-right instead of right-right. The Lead can in both cases use the Lead’s equivalent of forward walking “Paséala Steps”, stepping left on “1”, pivot right, stepping “2-3-5”, pivot left, stepping “6-7-1”, pivot right. For variation, the Lead can also use “step-over” technique.

Video #1 is from a Practica Training Session with me and Mona, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022. It shows Paséala continuing into Exhíbela and Exhíbela Double. I use the Lead’s unique “Paséala Steps”.

Same video on YouTube

Many Leads only use “step-over” steps for Paséala and Exhíbela. I also sometimes do for Exhíbela especially when using Exhíbela Largo or Sácala with an extra forward step for the Follow: “1-2-3-5” left and “6-7” right.

For Paséala I almost always use the Lead’s “Paséala Steps” as shown in the video: “6-7-1” pivot, “2-3-5” pivot. I like the forward walking nature of these steps, they match the Follow’s steps for look and feel, and they connect very well to anything I might like to do next.

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