I highly recommend

9Cuban Salsa: Why a Follow should step forward by default
8Switch: Learning the opposite role in Cuban Salsa
7Cuban Salsa: Should we dance contra-tempo for the first part of a dance?
6Cuban Salsa: The Follow must buy the full package
5Social dancing: The Follow is the Norm
4Social dancing: Making good for that NO!
3Social dancing: How to cope with rejections
2Learn Spanish to enhance your Latin social dancing
1Cuban Salsa: Right and wrong

Cuban Salsa in general

9How many social dances should I learn?
8Why even bad dance videos are ok
7How not to hold hands in social dancing
6How to build a solid repertoire of Cuban Salsa moves
5Social dancing: the more moves you know the better
4Cuban Salsa: How to learn and implement a move
3Cuban Salsa: Moves don’t make a dance
2Cuban Salsa: A move’s level seldom makes sense
1Salsa leaders are very different

Learning from the Masters

3Cuban Salsa: What to learn from Lisandra & Geonys
2Cuban Salsa: The Alex Routine
1Cuban Salsa: Learning from Ruben Rodriguez

Moves and Tutorials (USA, San Francisco)
8Salsafición Dance Academy (Mexico)
7Son De Habana (Columbia)
6Salsa Lovers – Miami Style
5Rueda.Casino (Norwegian Rueda Standard)
4DanceLiker School (Russia)
3Avinciia Dance Academy (France)
2Dolce Dance School (Hungary)
1Gianfranco Bighi (Italy)

I link to good as well as to less good and even to really bad videos. Many of the videos have major issues, like long steps and back rocking. The idea is to list a good collection of common and less common moves for inspiration.

The videos only present moves as how they can also be danced, so to speak. They are not about how we should dance them. The videos are just raw sketches to give us an idea. We can reject them completely or remake, modify and refine them to fit our own way of dancing.