Son De Habana (Colombia)

This is a “rare” (seen from Scandinavia) Colombian Cuban Salsa dance school located in Bogota. They have more than 100 of the very best salsa videos, all levels, beautifully organized in “Básico”, “Intermedio”, “Avanzado”, and the website is not a relic of the past but still active.

The dancers are lovely, they dance even better, except that the leader in some of the videos moves too little in my opinion. Should I choose just one salsa website, and delete the rest, Son De Havana is a great contender. The videos have no instructions but are shot from several angels at different speeds and with a clear count.

Son De Havana, website/videos
Son De Havana, YouTube Home
Son De Havana, YouTube videos

Most of the videos are from the list of the 100 most common salsa moves, but we also find a handful of interesting moves, I haven’t seen before. This is my favorite:

Same video at YouTube: Lazo.

Notice how the leader steps! He is not just stepping to the beat but to the music. He is dancing the steps! And note how small the steps are most of the time.

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