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Cuban Salsa: La Jenny

The La Jenny figure is another popular classic from the Salsa Lover Collection. It is a Paseala type of Rueda move also used in 1-on-1 social dancing. The Follow is lead around the Lead starting with the Paseala thumb-over-thumb, right-to-right “wrestler” handhold. The move contains an advanced use of the “police grip” most Leads only use in El Uno (Cubanita).

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First Man Back in Havana

I hope to be the first Man back in Havana, or rather the first visitor, guest, tourist coming back. Ideally with the first flight, when international travel opens up again. March 24th 2020 Cuba locked down for tourists. I flew out the next morning. A couple of days before, the Cuban authorities started to transfer tourist from Case Particulares to

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