Best Social Moves

As I get the time, many of the Classic Cuban Moves will be reinvented for proper forward walking social dancing and included below. Also, I will make a seperate List of Basic Figures.


Of Basic Figures or sequence of figures

7Enchufla Continuado
6Coca-Cola con Exhibela
5Paséala Continuado
4Exhibela Largo Continuado
3Rodeo Continuado
2Rodeo Inverso Continuado
1Balsero Continuado

Pairs and Triplets

Two or more basic figures

2Coca-Cola Doble con Vacilala Doble
1Cásate y Enchufla Continuado


Sequence of several basic figures

5La Paloma (Pigeon Walk)
4Coca-Cola al Revés (71 al Revés)
3Yugo (face-to-face Sombrero)
2Abanico con Gancho
1Lazo (Vacilala Doble y Coca-Cola Doble)

Basic Figures

They are still listed under Classic CUBAN MOVES. I will make a seperate List for basic figures and moves.

1Rodeo Poco