Cuban Salsa: Rodeo Continuado

The move Rodeo Continuado is another move, I naively believe I have “created”, but of cause we have many Leads doing two or more Rodeos in a row. My contribution is to clearly identify this continuation as a move in its own right and to call it Rodeo Continuado. I often do it five times in a row or more, and it can also be done opposite as Rodeo Inverso Continuado, as I have covered in another tutorial and video.

I regard Rodeo Continuado as a basic figure because it is not just Rodeo done X-number of times. I treat it as a unit, a whole, not just one by one. For Rodeo Continuado, the goal is to create magic, a unique look and feel. Rodeo Continuado is a social move of First Class because the number of times the Lead does Rodeo depends on the music, on how well the Lead and the Follow are doing, and on the flow and momentum created. Rodeo Continuado has a peak or breaking point, where the Lead must exit it and continue with something else, or it all falls apart.

Same video on YouTube

Rodeo Continuado can be done clean or with turns added. In the video above I only show the clean version. I will make another video with a lot of turns added just like I show it in the Rodeo Inverso Continuado video.

Rodeo, Rodeo Largo, Rodeo Pequiño

We have three types of Rodeo and all of them can be done using the Lead’s left or right arm (Inverso) giving us six Rodeos. The most common Rodeo is one count of Eight as shown in this tutorial. We also have another common Rodeo of two counts of Eight, Rodeo Largo (long). And we have a rarely used (I use it) Rodeo Pequiño (small) where each Rodeo only uses a half count of Eight.

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