Cuban Salsa: Rodeo Inverso Continuado

Rodeo Inverso Continuado with right-2-right handhold is another figure I naively boast that I have “invented”. This is of cause not true since many Leads like to do Rodeo Inverso two or more times in a row. What I have done is to declare Rodeo Inverso Continuado for a social move that can be done two or more times (I often do it 5-6 times), and it can be done as a clean Rodeo or with one or more turns. It gives us around 50 good variations!

Video #1 is a collection of four video clips from Practica Training Sessions with me and Mona, Copenhagen, 2021-2022. It shows four examples of Rodeo Inverso Continuado with right-to-right handhold:

Same video on YouTube

Rodeo Inverso Continuado is much more than just doing a Rodeo X-number of times. It is a building block with a distinct look and feel that can add a lot of charm and elegance to a dance. For that reason I regard it as a basic figure. There are several ways to start the move, I use Sombrero, Half-Sombrero, Sombrero with “hand in between” and directly from Dile Que No, and there are likewise many ways to exit the figure.

When doing a “Continuado” with a lot of one-sided turning, it is always a good idea to go contra in the end to clearly mark a finish line and a new beginning and in order to help the Follow get her bearing. Rodeo Inverso Continuado is only hard on the Follow if turns are added to each Rodeo. At the moment I am in the habit of going contra with the Reina figure, but, as is the fun with social moves: Next time I might come up with something else, inspired by music and my Follow.

The many options for how to do Rodeo Inverso Continuado makes it a versatile social move:

The exact figure depends on the music and on how well the Lead and the Follow are positioned after each Rodeo and on how good a flow and momentum that has been created. The move can be cut short, extended and modified at any time during the execution as needed.

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