All Cuban Salsa Moves


Setenta family


A Bayamo family


Siete family


Sombrero family


Counter clock-wise moves


Basic steps and turns

All Cuban Salsa Moves

This is a project in the making. The ambition is, as the title says, to cover all common Cuban Salsa moves. We can all make up a move or make a variation of a known move, making it impossible to cover everything.

Basically I cover moves when I have found three or more independent sources, most often just videos uploaded to YouTube. I sometimes accept moves, I have only found once, if I really like it.

Also I know of moves from DVD based Salsa courses and Apps that have not found there way to YouTube yet. If they are good, I make room for them and hope they will show up on YouTube one day, or I might make someone record them.

For most of my tutorials I try to find the three best videos around, from an educational point of view, and I try to include as many different origins as possible. Cuban Salsa is the most social of social dances: All colors, all sizes, all ages, all nationalities, all levels, I am happy to include videos of amateurs and beginners if useful in a tutorial.

Also it is my intention, to replace many of the videos, when I happen to stumble upon better ones.