Cuban Salsa: Siete Loco Complicado

Siete Loco Complicado is a real complicado, long and with several difficult parts. It is good for training in classes and also works well in social dancing on advanced level. The back-to-back turn in the Siete Loco part is the most tricky. In the tutorial for Siete Loco and in the tutorial for the back-to-back turn, I recommend to use a full eight count for the back-to-back turn, making it both easier to lead and more fun.

Siete Loco Complicado comes with two endings. The most common is a second hook turn at the end, or the Lead can just “pick her up with your right arm” over her head. Both versions are shown below.

The first video is with Henry Herrera from “Salsa Racing”, Miami. The move is contributed to him. Don’t let the strange way of doing Guapea in this video confuse you: Moving forward on the right foot, counting 1-2-3, the back rock on 5-6-7 also counting 1–2-3. And counting 4-5-6 instead of 5-6-7. The last makes sense, four comes after three, but it is much better to count to the beat of the music, 1-2-3, 5-6-7.

Same Video on YouTube

The second video is from the “Quick and Dirty Salsa” DVD. Also in this video, they like to say 4-5-6 instead of 5-6-7! Both DVDs are out of the Miami Cuban Salsa Community, and might be a local “loco” way of counting!

Same Video on YouTube

In the next video from “Ritmo de la Luna” (Hungary), the hook turn on the last 5-6-7 is replaced with “picking her up with your right” arm over her head:

Same Video on YouTube

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