Cuban Salsa: Tornado Double

A Tornado Doble, a forward and back similar to Enchufla Doble, works best or the easiest when Tornado is done with Dile Que No. If you need an introduction to the family of Tornado moves: See my overview tutorial, Tornado Variations.

There are several ways to get into the start position for Tornado Doble. The double part, back tracking, going contra again, can be done immediately or delayed, and there are several good options for how to continue the move, for how to exit Tornado Doble.

Video 1 is a clip from a video labeled “Yoandy Villaurrutia – Salsa Advanced 25.06.13”, Moscow, Russia, 2013. It is a class or workshop video featuring Yoandy Villaurrutia and some of his students. I don’t know what Yoandy calls the move, but Tornado de Dile Que No Doble is a good descriptive name. Yoandy moves or his implementation of known moves can be difficult to learn from because his style is so creative and personal.

The method used to get to the start position is Hammerlock with Sombrero handhold. Then Enchufla to get out of the Hammerlock and Lead’s Hook Turn to get to the start position. Also note that after the exit the couple is back in the Sombrero handhold making it very easy to continue with one of the many Sombrero figures.

Video 2 is the same video but longer with more context. It is always inspiring to watch Yoandy’s videos.

Video 3 is a clip from a video labeled “CUBAN SALSA MOVE FOR ADVENCED LEVEL. 70 Y CAMINA, ENROSCATE Y SACALA CON ESTILO with Leo Henriquez”, 2019. Leo uses a very common method to start the Tornado de Dile Que No: A two handed Enchufla and the Lead’s Hook Turn. Since the Lead ends up with his arms crossed, he immediately releases the handhold, uncrosses his arms and grabs the Follow’s hands again as he goes into Dile Que No.

After the opposite Tornado, Tornado Inverso, Leo Henriques is positioned like in the Yoandy video ready with the right-to-right, left-to-left Sombrero handhold. He could continue with Sombrero figures but chooses to give the Follow an Enchufla and then the Lead’s Hook Turn on 5-6-7.

Video 4 is a clip from a video labeled “Cuban Salsa Advanced level move *Enroscate con Sombrero Italiano*” featuring Leo Henriquez & Katarina Kroslakova, 2017. In this video Leo uses the same method as in the first video with Yoandy to get to the start position: Hammerlock done with Sombrero handhold, Enchufla and Hook Turn. I like that Leo does not immediately start the second Tornado, the Tornado Inverso. Instead he just steps more or less in place for a full count of eight: “The Power of Nothing”.

Tornado Doble works well with Dile Que No because after Dile Que No, it is almost standard to go clock-wise again. Tornado Doble is just one of the many Tornado de Dile Que No variations. We have many other Tornado figures starting with Dile Que No and Coca-Cola, and many, many more figures starting with Tornado de Vacilala, Tornado de Enchufla and Tornado de Habanero.

You need to practice

It is my experience that Tornado variations are difficult. A Lead should start with one of the variations and practice it with a training partner until he really owns it. He then has a good chance of success with any Follow at advanced level. It is no big deal just to do the move, surviving it with a smile. But to do it naturally, elegant and with a good flow is quite a challenge.

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