Cuban Salsa: Arrebata

The dictionary translate Arrebata to snatch: “Grasp or seize hastily, eagerly, or suddenly”. In the “Salsa Steps” App, Arrebata is called “punctures”. The general dance term is “flares”. Arrebata on four or on eight can be used in social ono-on-one dancing when dancing apart. It is even possible to use it during normal dancing, to sneak it in here and there. Arrebata is a common call in Rueda de Casino.

Video 1 is from “Salsafición” with Amando and Anahí, Mexico, 2018. These people have a free online course in Cuban Salsa.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 and Video 3 are clips from an “old” Cuban Salsa DVD, Intermediate-Advanced, probably from 2012-14, featuring two of my dance teachers in Copenhagen, Stine Ortvad and Yosvany Torres.

It is a good Intermediate-Advanced “Cuban Salsa” DVD, no instructions, no talking, learning by looking. It might still be available if you mail to

In Video 3, “Arrebata Rear View”, it is confusing that Stine steps as the Lead and Yosvany steps as the Follow.

Video 4 is from the excellent APP “Salsa Steps”, made by Carmen Dance. It shows a sequence of Arrebata Variations.

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