Cuban Salsa: El Chivo

The Goat, El Chivo, was one of the first Qshines I learned, and I use it occasionally in my one-2-one social dancing. In Cuban Salsa we mostly use mini shines that fit in naturally as part of the dance. In Cuban Salsa we rarely have longer sessions with shines when dancing apart, we prefer to go all Cuban and speak with the whole body.

The reason that this “one step” shine has a well known name is probably that it is often called in Rueda de Casino. In the first video they do it on 7-8, in the second video they do it on 3-4.

Video 1 features “Salsaficioń” with Amando and Anahí, Mexico, 2018. The do El Chivo on 3-4.

Same Video on YouTube

The Lead can not lead the Follow to do El Chivo, and that’s the weakness of all shines, and the reason why longer sessions with shines mostly belong to shows and choreographed partner dancing. But if the Lead does El Chivo 2-3 times in a row, he might get the Follow along. The Follow is welcome to take the initiative.

Video 2 (front view) and Video 3 (rear view) are from an “old” Cuban Salsa DVD, Intermediate-Advanced, probably from 2012-14, featuring two of my dance teachers in Copenhagen, Stine Ortvad and Yosvany Torres. In front view both step as the Lead. In rear view it is quite confusing that Stine steps as the Lead and Yosvany as the Follow.

It is a good Intermediate-Advanced “Cuban Salsa” DVD, no instructions, no talking, learning by looking. It might still be available if you mail to

Note that we can do El Chivo on 3-4 as well as on 7-8.

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