Cuban Salsa: Italiano

This shine is the most advanced shine having a name most dancers will recognize. They might not remember the footwork 100%, but they have heard the name before and they recognise the footwork. Italiano is normally done as part of “forward and back” basic steps, but one can also start it directly. It is only for solo dancing, warmup, workout and show. It could be used when dancing apart in social dancing.

Video 1 and Video 2 are clips from an “old” Cuban Salsa DVD, Intermediate-Advanced, probably from 2012-14, featuring two of my dance teachers in Copenhagen, Stine Ortvad and Yosvany Torres. It is confusing that both Stine and Yosvany step as the Lead in the front view.

In Video 2, “Italiano Rear View”, it is confusing that Stine steps as the Lead and Yosvany steps as the Follow.

It is a good Intermediate-Advanced “Cuban Salsa” DVD, no instructions, no talking, learning by looking. It might still be available if you mail to

Italiano con Vuelta

This variation adds a turn to the end, making it slightly more interesting. It could be used by a Lead in social dancing when giving the Follow a free Vacilala. E.g.: When starting Vacilala on count one, let that one also be the first step of Italiano.

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