Cuban Salsa: El Nudo

Nudo means “knot” and this is not a good name because we have less knot in Nudo than in so many other Cuban Salsa moves. The basic Nudo move is short, two counts of eight. Most Complicado versions are not at all Complicado, they just add an Exhibela to the baseline. When very Complicado, they even repeat themselves after the Exhibela. Not that Complicado just longer. I prefer to skip the basic version and just call the most common Complicado version for Nudo.

I first show the Complicado version. Next I show a video with the short version. The two videos are by far the best out there, no need to look any further. And they have slightly different ways of starting the move. The last video is the original way, I have found in very many videos, but I prefer and recommend to use the new version shown in the first video.


Video 1 from the Danceliker School in Moscow, Russia, 2016, features Adonis Santiago and Svetlana Ovchinina. Note that on count five, the Lead brings his left hand to his right shoulder and then moves first his right arm over his head on 6-7 and then his left over his head and into the Gancho on one. This is the new better way to do Nudo.

Same Video on YouTube

Nudo Simple

Video 2 is from Студия “Рыбальський остров” in Ukraine, 2016. It shows the short version of Nudo without the Exhibela at the end. Note that the Lead brings his left arm over his head on seven, then his right arm over on one and then the left arm into the Gancho on three. This is the original way to do the move.

Same Video on YouTube

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