Sombrero por Abajo

This is a great move based on Sombrero. It is also called Sombrero por debajo or Balsero por Abajo. We have “por Abajo” (down under) in very many moves and it adds spice to your dance and it is very much have Cubans dance, and not that easy for the Lead. Good to practice as often as possible, making it an option for the Lead to choose in very many situations.

Video 1 is from “Baila Escola de Dança”, Brazil, 2019. The video is excellent and my style of dancing.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from “Pepe Puerto Vs Rueda Cubana”, Spain, 2016. These people have uploaded very many “common sense” videos, I like to watch.

Same Video on YouTube

Sombrero por Abajo is a new move to me but it is a very popular move based on the very many videos found. It will soon be part of my basic repertoire.

Thanks to feedback from Sandhi in Australia, this tutorial has been renamed and completely rewritten.

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