Cuban Salsa: Ochenta con Lazo

I have renamed one of the two most common versions of Ochenta y Ocho (88) to Ochenta con Lazo, in order to keep the two moves apart, making them easier to learn, remember and use. At the end of Ochenta con Lazo, the Lead holds the Follow’s two hands in his right hand, and places them over the Follow’s head or over his own head like a lasso.

The move is a typical move for improvers level, good for training, because many new Leads find it difficult to hold the two hands of the Follow and to place them over her head or over own head like a lasso in an elegant way.

Video 1 is from “Hanami Dance” (Kristóf Zsolt), Heidelberg, Germany, 2018. The dance style in the video is very “basic” but probably a good way to present a move for beginners. In this video the “lasso” goes over the Follow’s head.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from “Dolce Dance”, Hungary, 2010. Except for the back rocking in Dile Que No, I like the videos from these people. An elegant, relaxed and realistic dance style for many of us. In this video the “lasso” goes over the Lead’s head.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 3 is from “Studio Danza”, also from Budapest, Hungary, 2017. I include it for the strange way the Sombrero is done. The Lead does not put his left arm over his head. Why not give it a try?

Same Video on YouTube

This might be a good way to do Sombrero for variation, or if the Lead is much bigger than the Follow or in an emergency, if the dancers are two far apart for a normal Sombrero!

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