Cuban Salsa: Siete Loco

Siete Loco (Crazy Seven) is rather common with a lot of videos out there. The figure is difficult for two reasons. 1) The Follow most be good enough to know that her left hand must be available on her right shoulder after the first 1-2-3. 2) After the two handed Coca-Cola and Dile Que No, the Lead must lead the Follow into a two handed “back to back” turn (also called barrel turn) for both Lead and Follow, the Lead turns left the Follow right.

This “back to back” turn is surprisingly difficult to lead, probably because the turn is not that common in Cuban Salsa. The only other well known move that comes to my mind is A Bayamo por Arriba.

Dolce Dance (Hungary):

Same Video on YouTube

Siete Loco has a rather common ending we see in many other moves: Two Exhibela and an Alarde (head loop) to the Lead.

Hanami Dance (Hungary) has a good basic beginner style for their videos. I like that they have time to connect:

Same Video on YouTube

Oportunidance Project (Romania):

Same Video on YouTube

Back-to-back with full eight count

In all the three videos, one can argue that the back-to-back turn takes a full eight count and ends with a fast Alarde on 7. It is my experience that the back-to-back move both becomes more fun and easier to Lead, if we slow it down and use a full eight count that ends with the end of the back-to-back turn. We can then do an extra Enchufla on 1-2-3 and a slow Alarde on 5-6-7.

As an alternative we could just do the back-to-back turn as in the three videos but more slowly in the sense that we use more of the eight count to do the turn, and make sure that our arms are over our heads at the end of count 3-4. We can then do the rest of the back-to-back turn and in effect use a full eight count, except that we must add a very fast Alarde on 7-8.

We have exactly the same problem when doing the back-to-back turn in A Bayamo por Arriba except that the end of the back-to-back turn in that move ends like the end of Sombrero. That makes it almost impossible to devote enough of the eight count to the back-to-back turn itself and for that reason one is much better of adding an Enchufla.

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