Cuban Salsa: Yoyoflow con Habanero

This tutorial shows one variation of Yoandy Villaurrutia’s move Coca-Cola Moderno. I have named it Yoyoflow con Habanero because the Follow is unwrapped using first Vacilala and then Habanero twice, walking on 1-2-3 and turning on 5-6-7. For more background information see the tutorial named “Yoyoflow (Coca-Cola Moderno)”.

The Video Clip is from a YouTube video named “Salsa Intermediate 0703”, Moscow, Russia, 2012. One can only wonder what Yoandy’s advanced moves look like! The DQN ending of the move works fine also as an independent move, we could call Dile Que No con Coca-Cola y Habanero.

Breakdown of the move

  1. Starts with Dile Que No and Coca-Cola on 5-6-7.
  2. The unwrapping starts with Vacilala, turning on 1-2-3 and walking on 5-6-7. Yoandy starts leading by the waist and later in the move he switches to the hips. One could also use the shoulders in the very last Habanero. What is the easiest with a particular woman in what situation, comes with experience.
  3. After the Vacilala walking on 5-6-7, the Follow continues to walk on 1-2-3, and to turn on 5-6-7, that is a Habanero turn.
  4. Then we have one more Habanero. The Follow is lead to back-rock on one (I almost always try to lead forward), for that reason she walks almost nowhere on 1-2-3 and is then turned on 5-6-7.
  5. We then go into a Dile Que No with a hip lead Coca-Cola turn.
  6. Next the Follow walks on 1-2-3 and is lead into another Habanero turn on 5-6-7.
  7. Next a Dile Que No.
  8. And another Dile Que No. When the motion is already counter clockwise, we need the counter clockwise DQN called Dile Que No Inverso.

How to learn Yoyoflow

Start to learn DQN con Coca-Cola y Habanero and DQN con Molino y Habanero in order to get the feel for leading the Habanero stepping, walking on 1-2-3 and turning on 5-6-7 by the hips and shoulders.

Use the two DQNs to test a Follow. If she can’t do a simple hip or shoulder lead Habanero, there is no chance that she will succeed with any of the much more difficult Yoyoflow variations.

The Yoyoflow variations will only succeed if the Lead leads them spot on. The best way for the Lead to learn the leading is by training the moves with a couple of Follows at Practica training sessions.

When the Lead owns the Yoyoflow moves and has a feel for exactly how to lead them, it should be possible to do the moves with any Follow at masterclass level.

Links to Yoyoflow tutorials

  1. Yoyoflow (Coca-Cola Moderno).
  2. Yoyoflow con Vacilala
  3. Yoyoflow con Habanero
  4. Yoyoflow con Molino
  5. DQN con Coca-Cola y Habanero
  6. DQN con Molino y Habanero


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