Cuban Salsa: Dile Que No con Molino y Habanero

This Dile Que No is good for training a shoulder lead Habanero turn, walking on 1-2-3, turning on 5-6-7. The DQN has replaced the common Coca-Cola turn on 5-6-7 with interesting windmill (Molino) arms. The move is the last part of a move called Yoyoflow con Molino.

For background information about the Yoyoflow moves see the “Yoyoflow (Coca-Cola Moderno)” tutorial. Links down below. The Video Clip is from a YouTube video labeled “Salsa Intermediate 31.01.12”, Moscow, Russia, 2012.

Breakdown of the move

  1. DQN and Lead’s windmill on 5-6-7.
  2. Habanero steps. The Follow walks on 1-2-3 and turns on 5-6-7.
  3. The Lead goes into Dile Que No and Guapea.

Links to Yoyoflow tutorials

  1. Yoyoflow (Coca-Cola Moderno).
  2. Yoyoflow con Vacilala
  3. Yoyoflow con Habanero
  4. Yoyoflow con Molino
  5. DQN con Coca-Cola y Habanero
  6. DQN con Molino y Habanero


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