Cuban Salsa: Yoyoflow (Coca-Cola Moderno)

I have named this inspiring “lead her by her hips” move “Yoyoflow” to honour Yoandy Villaurrutia. He created the move 10 years ago and just called it Coca-Cola Moderno, but the move deserves a better name. Since “Yoyoflow” is the nickname of Yoandy, it is also a good name for a sequence of some of his more creative turns.

I have found three variations of Yoandy’s Coca-Cola Moderno, two of them with interesting endings that can be used as independent moves. In this tutorial, I will present an overview of the three variations and name them properly to make them easier to learn and use. I will make separate tutorials for each of them and for the two endings as independent moves.

Yoyoflow con Vacilala

The first Video Clip 1 is from a YouTube video named “Yoandy Villaurrutia Salsa casino”, Moscow, Russia, 2011. The Coca-Cola is unwrapped by Vacilala followed by one more Vacilala. That is turning on 1-2-3 and walking on 5-6-7.

This is the shortest of the three versions and all the right turning is done using Vacilala. For that reason Yoyoflow con Vacilala is a good name. The two other moves only use Vacilala to unwrap the Coca-Cola. For the rest of “turn her by the hips or shoulders”, the Lead uses Habanero turns, that is the Follow walks on 1-2-3 and turns on 5-6-7.

Yoyoflow con Habanero

Video Clip 2 is from a YouTube video named “Salsa Intermediate 0703”, Moscow, Russia, 2012. One can only wonder what Yoandy’s advanced moves look like! This is a much longer version with one Vacilala and two times Habanero before going into Dile Que No. The DQN ending works fine also as an independent move, we could call Dile Que No con Coca-Cola y Habanero.

Yoyoflow con Molino

Video Clip 3 is from a YouTube video labeled “Salsa Intermediate 31.01.12”, Moscow, Russia, 2012. This version has only one Habanero after the Vacillate before going into Dile Que No. The DQN ending is shorter, and windmill arms have replaced Coca-Cola. I call this version for Yoyoflow con Molino (windmill).

The DQN ending is also a good move on its own: Dile Que No con Molino y Habanero. Note that this last Habanero is the only one lead by the shoulders. This seems natural after the windmill.

The moves of Yoandy are difficult to find and learn because they are often just sequences inside long flows of dancing. He often doesn’t bother to name the “moves” properly, and doesn’t care about generalised, optimised stepping with a clear count, making the “moves” difficult to read unless you are an experienced dancer. It looks like he dances the moves a little different each time.

In order to make all the Yoyoflow variations easier to learn, I will break them down in three tutorials plus two extra tutorials for the endings as moves in their own right.

How to learn Yoyoflow

Start to learn DQN con Coca-Cola y Habanero and DQN con Molino y Habanero in order to get the feel for leading the Habanero stepping, walking on 1-2-3 and turning on 5-6-7 by the hips and shoulders.

Use the two DQNs to test a Follow. If she can’t do a simple hip or shoulder lead Habanero, there is no chance that she will succeed with any of the much more difficult Yoyoflow variations.

The Yoyoflow variations will only succeed if the Lead leads them spot on. The best way for the Lead to learn the leading is by training the moves with a couple of Follows at Practica training sessions.

When the Lead owns the Yoyoflow moves and has a feel for exactly how to lead them, it should be possible to do the moves with any Follow at masterclass level.

Links to Yoyoflow tutorials

  1. Yoyoflow (Coca-Cola Moderno).
  2. Yoyoflow con Vacilala
  3. Yoyoflow con Habanero
  4. Yoyoflow con Molino
  5. DQN con Coca-Cola y Habanero
  6. DQN con Molino y Habanero


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