Cuban Salsa: Dile Que No con Coca-Cola y Habanero

This Dile Que No is good for learning a hip led Coca-Cola turn and a hip lead Habanero turn, walking on 1-2-3, turning on 5-6-7. Since the move starts with DQN and ends with two times DQN, it is also good for training Dile Que No Inverso, the version of DQN used when the motion is already counter clockwise. The move is the last part of a move called Yoyoflow con Coca-Cola y Habanero.

For background information about the Yoyoflow moves see the “Yoyoflow (Coca-Cola Moderno)” tutorial. Links down below. The Video Clip is from a YouTube video named “Salsa Intermediate 0703”, Moscow, Russia, 2012.

Breakdown of the move

  1. DQN and Coca-Cola on 5-6-7, lead by the hips.
  2. Habanero steps. The Follow walks on 1-2-3 and turns on 5-6-7.
  3. The Lead goes into Dile Que No Inverso (the motion is already counter clockwise).
  4. The move ends with one more Dile Que No Inverso.

I like the triple Dile Que No with Coca-Cola and Habanero steps in between. Most dancers are one-winged. They have an underdeveloped counter clockwise motion except for a very basic DQN. We actually need a lot of counter clockwise motion in order to balance our dance and make it more smooth and elegant.

Links to Yoyoflow tutorials

  1. Yoyoflow (Coca-Cola Moderno).
  2. Yoyoflow con Vacilala
  3. Yoyoflow con Habanero
  4. Yoyoflow con Molino
  5. DQN con Coca-Cola y Habanero
  6. DQN con Molino y Habanero


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