Cuban Salsa: Lead’s Shoe Shine

This is a small gimmick, mostly used to impress onlookers for fun. On 5-6-7 the Lead polishes his right foot behind his left leg. One can also polish the left foot on 1-2-3 but that is less common. For the right foot, in my experience, it is best to start already on count four, polish on 5-6 and put the right foot down back on the floor on seven. But that is just how I do it.

First let us see the basic technique. Video 1 is from the excellent APP “Salsa Steps”, made by Carmen Dance.

Video 2 is from one of my favourite dancers, Piotr Agassi Chajkowski, Poland, 2013. The “Shoe shine” shine is almost a signature of Piotr. He does it at the beginning of very many videos.

Same Video on YouTube

Shoe Shine Complicado

Just for fun. Piotr Agassi is unpredictable. In Video 3 from 2013, he is doing what we could call “Shoe Shine Complicado”. There are probably many variations.

Same Video on YouTube

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