Cuban Salsa: Panqué with high-five

Instead of pushing the Follow’s right shoulder or hip gently as signal to unwrap the first half of Panqué (Siete), the Lead can “push clap” the Follow’s left hand, if she presents it to him like a high-five, inviting him to do so.

This variation of Panqué works well as a call in Rueda de Casino, but in some situations in social 1-on-1 dancing, the move could work as well but the Follow must take the initiative!

Video 1 is from “CUsalsacasino”, Santiago de Chile, 2011

Same Video on YouTube

I have used the English “high-five” as part of the move name because it is instantly understood in almost any language.

Video 2 is from “fireflydance”, Salsa Club Simferopol, Crimea, 2014.

Same Video on YouTube

When a Lead notice a “highfive” invitation, he can accept it or ignore it and just push the shoulder or hip, or he can grab the hand in order to continue like Siete Loco or another move in need of the hand.

I like the idea that a Follow can invite a Lead to do a move in a certain way, as long as the Lead can ignore the suggestion and do the move exactly as he planned to do.

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