Cuban Salsa: Sombrero de Manny

Manny is just a boy’s name. The name of the move is often shortened to Sombrero Manny, Sombrero Mani or even to Sombrero Mami. The original move is attributed to the “Salsa Lovers” DVD based course in Rueda de Casino. Because the move have several interesting parts, it has become the inspiration for many other moves.

The last part of Sombrero Manny is often also called Sombrero Manny, the short version. But since this version comes with many endings, I will deal with them in a separate tutorial using a better name: Sombrero Manolito Complicado, listing all the variations.

Sombrero Manny (Salsa Lovers)

Video 1 shows the original “Salsa Lovers” version of Sombrero Manny, Miami, USA, oploaded to YouTube by themselves in 2011. The DVD is much older. They also have a video called Sombrero Doble that ends with El Dedo, but in Sombrero Manny they end Sombrero Doble with a back-to-back turn. This is one of several alternative ways to do Sombrero Doble.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is exactly like “Video 1”. It is from “myatushi55”, Japan, 2011.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 3 is like “Video 1” and “Video 2” except that the Lead adds some extra Alardes. The video is from “CASINO Y SALSA CHILE”, Chile, 2019.

Same Video on YouTube

Starting with Sombrero

The first three videos started Sombrero Manny with Sombrero Doble but we could just as well start it with Sombrero. It is a small detail but the next three videos from Romania, Colombia and Venezuela are so good that they deserve to be listed. The last two with a different ending.

Video 4 is from “Oportunidance Project”, Bucharest, Romania, 2016, with Dimitrie Carm and Andreea Hagiu. I like the way Andreea styles Guapea.

Same Video on YouTube

Sombrero de Mami

All the videos so far have the same type of Lazo/Paseala ending. Video 5 is from “Son De Habana”, Bogatá, Columbia 2015, with Alexander Barreto and Susana Osorio. They have many excellent videos. They call the move Sombrero Mami but it is exactly like “Video 4” except for the ending. They use an interesting two handed Coca-Cola left turn.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 6 is exactly like “Video 5” but I like the “Coca-Cola” version so much, that I wanted to include one more video showing that variation. The video is from “Escula de Baile” (Yoy Salseros), Venezuela, 2018.

Same Video on YouTube

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