Cuban Salsa: Siete Magniv

Magniv is Hebrew meaning “extremely cool”. And so it is. Siete Magniv is my favorite of the easier moves starting with Siete.

The video from “Dolce Dance” in Hungary deserves to be shown first. It is cute. Note that Lead and Follow change hands at the start, and that most of the move is two handed:

Same video at YouTube: Siete Magniv (A).

The next video is from “BailaSalsaClips” with add-on styling. I think I prefer the almost non-styling of the “Dolce Dance” video:

Same video at YouTube: Siete Magniv (B).

The next video from “BailaSalsa” was oploaded 2008, and it is my hunch that it is the origin of this lovely move. Respect:

Same video at YouTube: Siete Magniv (C).

How to lead Siete Magniv

I learned the move from watching the video from “Dolce Dance”. I had to test it several times with different Follows before I got it right in social dancing. Normally a Coca-Cola with left or right hand is easy.

In Siete Magniv, the Lead’s right arm is part of the wrapping in of the Follow and the Coca-Cola must continue an extra turn to get the Follow’s left hand behind her back as she is wrapped out and lead into Dile Que No. This must be done with determination or the move fails.

At the end of the Dile Que No most Follows are not used to a two handed inside left turn ending up with a Titanic type of stance. The Lead must carefully force the Follow into this type of turn if she has not tried it before or don’t know the move.

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