Cuban Salsa: Alarde Complicado

Alarde Complicado is Cuban all the way but it is not a typical Cuban salsa move. I regard it more like a better dance school combo, good to practice at advanced level with several difficult basic figures. The most important part is the Alarde section, one of the hallmarks of Cuban Salsa.

The Alardes in this tutorial is the relatively easy arm juggling over a full count of eight, almost any Lead at advanced level would like to use if not in every dance then at least in every second. But the Follow must have relaxed and relatively long arms and the right height.

In this tutorial I just list Alarde Complicado under its proper name. In another tutorial, Cuban Salsa: How to learn and implement a move, I use Alarde Complicado as example and break it down with a lot of details.

The Video is from a Salsa class at the “Cuban Dance School” in Copenhagen, 2018, featuring Yosvany Torres as instructor.

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