Cuban Salsa: El Niño

The Boy, Child, El Niño, is one of the better advanced level moves from “Salsa Lovers” DVD 04, from around year 2000. I have found many videos on YouTube with this move. It contains a back-to-back Enchufla Complicado, we also see in the classic “Salsa Racing” move, Siete Loco Complicado and in the Setenta Nuevo move.

It is much easier really to own a Complicado, when you can use it as part of three good moves. The back-to-back Complicado can be used at any time after a two handed Enchufla.

Video 1 is uploaded by “Salsa Lovers”, Miami, 2011. The original DVD video is much older. Note the ending of the move, made popular by Rene Gueits. As an alternative one can make a hook turn after the last Enchufla, and use the ending Henry Herrera has made popular (next video).

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from Gianfranco Bighi, Italy, 2012. Gianfranco doesn’t use Alarde as part of 1-2-3 of the second count of eight, showing us a useful alternative if there is a mismatch between the size and arm reach of Lead and Follow. Gianfranco ends the move with the classical Henry Herrera ending.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 3 is from “Casino y Salsa Chile”, 2019. Nice street demonstration, made to be easy to learn from. El Niño is still a popular move shown in the middle of the video.

Same Video on YouTube

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