Cuban Salsa: Balsero Doble

Balsero Doble follows the same pattern as Sombrero Doble. First we do Balsero, next we back track it and get into Sombrero at the opposite side. Or, as in the video, we can do a back-to-back turn instead. I always try to do one or two back-to-back turns in each social dance.

Video 1 is from “RitmoDeLaLuna”, Hungary, 2015.

Same Video on YouTube

Since Balsero is one of those rare moves that can go on for ever, we could think of Balsero Doble as just doing it twice in a row, but I think it is better to reserve the name for the unwinding version, we see in the video. Similar, we don’t have a special name for Guapea just because we do it twice!

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