Cuban Salsa: Apertura (Son figure)

The Apertura (opening) figure is a good example of a basic Son figure that works just as well in Casino, Cuban Salsa. Apertura is a short basic figure of one count of eight with the purpose of “opening up = getting apart”, from closed to open position. Some dance schools call Apertura for “Dile Que No #1”.

There are many ways to get from closed to open position but Apertura is one of the more elegant. In Cuban Salsa Apertura works the easiest from Son Clásico, the basic steps in Son. On count five, the Lead steps a little forward and adds pressure to the Follow’s back in order to bring her in very close, for a split second, creating a spring motion, as the Lead steps back on his left foot on six and he opens up.

Video 1 is from “La Casa del Son” in Havana, Cuba, 2020, featuring Silvio and Silvia. The video clip shows Apertura four times. Since they dance Son, the Lead step forward and presses the Follow in on six and steps back on seven.

Video 2 is from “niquibestia”: “Son elegante Cubano en Paseo del PRADO de La Habana”, Cuba, 2017, featuring Lisandra Garcia y Silvio Leroy Perez Azcuy. The video shows many Son figures that work just as well in Cuban Salsa to the right type of music. At 0:58 we see an example of the Apertura figure, the easy and elegant way to get from closed to open position.

Same Video on YouTube.

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