Cuban Salsa: Bayamo en Coche

This figure is not a so-called “A Bayamo” move. Bayamo, a city in Cuba, is just part of the name. Bayamo en Coche means “Bayamo by car”. It’s a figure attributed to Henry Herrera, at least he made it popular by including it on the “Salsa Racing” DVD Vol 5, “Henry Tuns 1”, Miami, Florida, USA, 2002.

I have found many videos on YouTube with the move but the original version is still the best. Bayamo con Coche is easygoing and elegant, good enough for any dance. It belongs to a group of figures, we could call “back-to-back with multiple Enchuflas”, made popular by Henry.

Let us break it down

It is easier to learn a move, if we break it down to the individual counts of eight, and learn them step by step.

1. Count of eight

The move starts with a two handed Vacilala and an Alarde to the Lead on 5-6-7.

2. Count of eight

Next a two handed Enchufla, and on 5-6-7, the lead goes under his left arm similar to the Complicado in Noventa.

3. Count of eight

The Lead gives The Follow a right turn Enchufla with his left arm, and one more Enchufla to the right with his right arm and ends with an Alarde to himself.

4. Count of eight

The Lead back tracks the 3. count of eight, first with his right arm, then with his left arm.

5. Count of eight

It starts slow. On 1-2-3, the Lead only put his left arm into a Gancho hook. On 5-6-7 he goes out of the Gancho again, and restart the back-to-back Enchuflas turning the Follow to the right again except that it is now on count 5-6-7.

6. Count of eight

The Enchufla motion is continued with the Lead’s right arm on 1-2-3, and the Lead walks forward under the loop and pivots around on 6-7.

7. Count of eight

The last count of eight before going into Dile Que No is one of Henry’s favourite endings: A two handed Enchufla followed by the Lead’s hook turn with Lead’s right hand close to his left shoulder.

8. Count of eight

Finally Dile Que No.

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