Cuban Salsa: Panqué Complicado de Martin

Panque Complicado is a move made by Martín Ruedero. He was lucky that the complicado name way free to use except that we have a move called Siete Complicado. And since Siete = Panqué, I have called his move Panqué Complicado de Martin. Only one video found.

Just like Siete Unisex Complicado, the Panqué Complicado move is not a typical Cuban Rueda move but influenced by X-Body Salsa. It is rare in Cuban Salsa to have a Lead turn right on 1-2-3 (we do it often when we warm up for classes and workshops and even in social dancing). It is even more rare to see a Lead’s left turn on 5-6-7, using the steps of the Follow instead of the Lead’s hook turn!

Same video at YouTube: Panque Complicado (A).

When making a video, especially when you come up with a move of your own, it is very helpful to do all the steps in a solid explicit way, so we can see what is going on. In the above video we must almost guess how Martin is stepping.

I strongly recommend to use the Lead’s hook turn on 5-6-7.

That gives us a nice move for practice as well as for social dancing: 1) Wrap her in on 1-2-3, 2) Lead’s hook turn on 5-6-7, 3) immediately followed by Lead’s right turn on 1-2-3, 4) and a traditional double right turn for the Follow on 5-6-7, 5) and last an Enchufla. A quite demanding sequence at intermediate level.

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