Rueda de Casino: La Babosa

The short and highly recommended Rueda move, La Babosa, means “slug” in Spanish, a group of slimy snails without shells. I don’t see an obvious reason for the “slug” figure name except that Babosa is also Spanish slang for “fool”, “idiot”. That is true from the Follow’s view point: the Lead is an idiot, curling her in just to pass her on to the next Lead!?

Babosa is a real Rueda move in the sense that it only works in Rueda de Casino. The move requires the cooperation of at least two pairs of dancers. La Babosa is popular and common in Rueda de Casino because it is not only “true” Rueda, but fun and easy to learn.

Video 1 is from “”, Hungary 2014. The Follow is curled into a two handed Enchufla with the right hand held low, and then curled out again and lead to the next Lead giving her a normal Enchufla.

Same Video on YouTube

Babosa in social dancing

Of cause, it is possible, with a little ingenuity, to adapt the Rueda La Babosa for social dancing. I will show you how in a separate blogpost because it is a great move.

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