Cuban Salsa: La Babosa

The La Babosa in this blogpost is a creative adaption for social dancing of a well known move in Rueda de Casino, a genuine Rueda move, requiring at least two pairs of dancers. With a little ingenuity one couple can do the whole move. I like that the new move is both easy going and interesting. A good move to be used at any level.

La Babosa means “slug” in Spanish, a group of slimy snails without shells. Babosa is also Spanish slang for “Fool”, “Idiot”. See my blogpost, Rueda de Casino: La Babosa for more information. I find it very interesting to compare the two versions made for Rueda and social dancing respectively.

Video 1 is from “Annett Schwarz”, Germany, 2012. I have found several other videos with the move adapted for social dancing, but this video is the best.

Same Video on YouTube

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