Cuban Salsa: Sombrero con Mambo

Sombrero con Mambo is a very common call in Rueda de Casino and requires a Rueda call because there is no natural way to lead it. If both Lead and Follow use it a lot in Rueda, they have a good chance of also using it as a fun move in social dancing, because if you stay in the Sombrero pose for half a second, it almost triggers mambo steps.

Mambo steps by themselves are mostly used in free style sections of a social dance, but we have them in Rueda moves like Sombrero con Mambo, Sombrero con Mambo Complicado, Enchufla con Mambo.

Video 1 is from “Pepe Puerto Vs Rueda Cubana”, 2016, with Maribel and Pepe.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 2 is from “Annett Schwarz”, Germany, 2012.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 3 is from “CubanVibesUK”, 2017. It is a good short example of how Sombrero con Mambo is used in Rueda de Casino.

Same Video on YouTube

Video 4 is from “Tanja Sauer Torrendrup”, Roskilde, Denmark, 2013. It is very common in Rueda de Casino to add some “bulla” to the end of Sombrero con Mambo, to end it with “style” or “flavor”, Sabor. In this example it is just a “hi”.

Same Video on YouTube

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