Cuban Salsa: Panqué tres tiempos

Panqué tres tiempos is a move I have experienced in Rueda de Casino many times with different callers, and they use different names for the move. One of my Salsa teachers, Frank Eddelien, calls the move Revisala. I prefer the name “Panque tres tiempos” because it reminds us that the move starts with Siete/Panque, and that we walk forward and back three times.

I have only found one video, featuring Frank E:

Same video at YouTube: Panqué tres tiempos.

In the versions I normally meet in Rueda de Casino, the Lead pushes the Follow gently on her right shoulder instead of on her right hip.

The video does not live up to best practice. The Follow’s left hand should not be used for styling in front of herself but must be made available for the Lead on Follow’s right shoulder.

I have made a tutorial about Siete (7)/Panque explaining everything worth knowing about this basic move.

The Follow must make her left hand available because we have so many great moves based on Siete, where the Lead needs to grab the Follow’s left hand in order to proceed: Siete Loco, Siete Loco Complicado, Siete Alborotado, Siete Locomotion. The hand must always be available, also when the Lead decides not to make use of it.

In a Rueda de Casino both Lead and Follow hear the name of the move being called. The Follow knows in this case that her hand is not needed on her shoulder. But if she doesn’t make it available also in the Rueda, she is very likely to forget it in social dancing.

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