Cuban Salsa: Panqué tres tiempos

The Siete/Panqué move, Panqué tres tiempos (“Pancake three steps”), is a move I have experienced in Rueda de Casino many times with different callers, and they use different names for the move. I prefer the name “Panqué tres tiempos” because it reminds us that the move starts with Siete/Panqué, and that we walk forward and back three steps. The move works well in social dancing.

The moves is a no brainer because in the halfway position of Panqué, the Follow is ready to step forward on “5”. That is, it is in the DNA of the move for the Follow to walk forward. Walking straight forward is in my opinion the only leadable way to continue Panqué from the halfway position, unless we want to do the basic Panqué figure, rolling the Follow out again and into start position of open position also called Guapea position. This is also the way to end Panqué Tres Tiempos.

Video #1 is from “SalsaLatina” in Roskilde, Denmark, around 2015, featuring Yuleisy C. Rojas and Tanja Sauer Torrendrup. The halfway position of Panqué is just perfect, and at the end, getting out of the Panqué figure, it is also pure textbook.

Same “SalsaLatina” video at their website

A good alternative to Panqué Tres Tiempos is to add a Coca-Cola left turn to “5-6-7” as the Follow works forward. This is leadable, build-in to the figure. The classic Miami style move Siete con Coca-Cola, turning the Follow to the left, requiring her to angle her left foot 90 degrees on “5”, is not leadable.

Video #2 is from “CPH Salsa”, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008, featuring Frank E and Katrine R. This version is exactly like the first video shown and also shows a perfect basic Panqué figure.

Same “Frank E” video at YouTube

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