Cuban Salsa: Siete Complicado

The move Siete Complicado is most likely made by Gianfranco Bighi (Italy). This maestro of a Salsa instructor has many good videos. He is on my list, Gianfranco Bighi (Italy), over good video archives of Cuban Salsa moves.

Siete Complicado is similar to Siete Loco except that the back-to-back turn (barrel turn) at the end is replaced by a rare two handed Siete on 1-2-3 with hands hold high, followed by a rare double left turn on 5-6-7 and then a normal Enchufla.

The two handed Siete with hands hold high could also be considered a Vacilala, but Gianfranco clearly calls it Siete in the video, and that is exactly what it is.
Same video at YouTube: Siete Complicado.

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