Cuban Salsa: Siete Complicado

The move Siete Complicado is most likely made by Gianfranco Bighi (Italy). This maestro of a dance instructor has many good videos in the classic Miami style. Actually, from a “how to make a good dance video” point of view, Gianfranco is one of the best, first showing the move step by step, then with count and then with music. How easy can it be?

Unfortunately Siete Complicado starts in the same way as Siete Loco, Siete Loco Complicado and Siete Alborotado, that is the move is a lie to your face, because there is no way one can lead it in social dancing. Siete Complicado requires that the Follow’s left hand is ready and easy to access on top of her right shoulder. That is rarely the case and it shouldn’t be. The Follow’s left hand will probably be held in front of her doing some styling or it will be in the “on the heart” position or in the proximity to her right shoulder but not accessible for the Lead from behind.

One could of cause use the move in Rueda de Casino because the Follow hears the call and knows that in this Siete she must have her hand available at her shoulder. But we should not use moves in Rueda that looks like social moves, if they don’t work also in social dancing. Leads, having learnt such moves in a Rueda context, will immediately try to use them also in social dancing.

Same Gianfranco Bighi video on YouTube

Why not use the move with a partner having learned where to hold her left hand in this move? No! One should never use moves being so flawed that they will not even work with most of the strongest Follows around. Some moves requires that a Follow has tried them a couple of times because the are out of the ordinary and difficult. But that is something else. Life is too short for flawed moves but not for good moves a little difficult.

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