Cuban Salsa: Three Way Stop

The “Three Way Stop” is a good move for training because the Lead really must be up to the task to get it going. We don’t have many formalized moves using this technique of turning the Follow by her shoulders. It is a great technique in social dancing and ought to be in the toolbox of any advanced Lead.

We have two times where both the Lead and the Follow turn together but apart. If the music, the dance floor, the dance shoes and the technical level is right, one can do spin like double turns.

The “Three Way Stop” move is attributed to Rene Gueit, so let the master himself present the move. He gets the counting wrong in the first take. In Video 1 from the Salsa Lovers DVDs, the move is taught as if for Rueda de Casino:

Same Video on YouTube

In Video 2, the same move as it could be used in social dancing, featuring “Shanghai Latin Dance”, 2016:

Same Video on YouTube

Video 3 is from “Media Noche Salsa”, Israel, 2010. Here we have a good example of the Three Way Stop as used in Rueda de Casino:

Same Video on YouTube

Warning: There are many half baked videos out there called the “Three Way Stop”. They are attempts of doing the Rene Gueit move but often only the first half of it or other things are missing.

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